About Us

Green Brook Electronics is a leading supplier of electronic components and instrumentation in New Jersey, USA. For almost 40 years, we have been providing electronics parts to the largest of tech firms and to the everyday hobbyist. We are experts at sourcing and procuring electronic components with long lead times, as well as, old and obsolete items. We stock well over 80K line items of product in our multiple warehouse locations.We offer industrial sales and are also open to the public.

Our retail store in Green Brook, NJ is packed with electronic parts including semiconductors, relays, capacitors, resistors, wire and cable, fuses, video and audio cables and much, much more. Give us a call at 732-968-3500 and see how Green Brook Electronics can help you with your electronic component needs.

Green Brook Electronics
269 U.S. Highway 22 East Green Brook,
New Jersey 08812 USA

Phone: 732-968-3500
Fax: 732-968-3378

Email: sales@greenbrookelectronics.com