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Our Process

By Photograph:

  • Submit your photograph of the unidentifiable electronic component to Component EYE-D. 

  • Component EYE-D will identify the component for you for a nominal fee of $95.

*We may require additional photos or even request the component if unable to identify*

  • If we are unable to identify the part, cost will be just $25 ($70 will be refunded)

  • If you decide to order the part from Component EYE-D, and Component EYE-D can provide it, a $50 credit will be deducted from the $95 fee.

IF you have the Part NUMBER:

  • Simply provide the part # of  your component, and we will quote you price and delivery - No cost for this service


With the ever-evolving electronic landscape, 80 years of electronic components can be a hassle to understand and/or identify.  Availability of components can be scarce.


Whether you are on the job and need to replace a part out in the field after a component breakdown, or need the necessary parts to complete a job, we can help you find the parts you need.


To best assist, simply photograph your existing part (s) and submit them above via our form.


We can also assist in identifying the value of color codes on a resistor, identifying a surface mount integrated circuit, or a source
of the component. Discontinued, end-of-life or obsolete, no
problem, we are here to help!

Granted, some parts may be beyond Eye-D. In that case, most of
your fee will be refunded, a small service charge will be charged –

Finally, do you have a cable assembly that needs to be duplicated
or repaired? Photograph the cable ends and provide additional
information such as the pin out, length of cable, quantity needed, and
original usage, and we can quote an original or equal cable. If pin-
out is unknown, we may require original cable to be pinned-out.

We stock millions of parts, let us know how we can assist you.

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