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Here at Green Brook Electronics, we recycle everything we possibly can. 


We accept donations of all electronic components, batteries, computers, used boards, assemblies, and electronic appliances.  These items will then be repurposed into new projects, re-donated, recycled, harvested for parts, or sold. 


Very little will ever end up in a landfill.  We always make sure to reuse shipping boxes, packaging materials, and shopping bags. 


For the last 45 years, our goal has always been to recycle and reuse.

*Update 10/30/19*

International companies have greatly reduced the amount of scrap that they are buying from American garbage companies.  As a result, we have increased our efforts to both repurpose and reuse electronic scrap.

We are willing to come on-site to pick up electronic scrap free of charge.  Just give us a call at (732) 968-3500.

"Everyone should be reusing and recycling" -Green Brook Electronics
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