Green Brook Electronics has been a leading supplier of electronic components and instrumentation in New Jersey since 1974. We stock well over 300,000 different products including semiconductors, relays, resistors, capacitors, wire and cable, fuses, video and audio cables and much more. We are experts in electronic knowledge and obtaining old and obsolete items and components.


We don't just sell electronics, we make repairs and more importantly we create solutions.  We offer industrial sales, are open to the public, and also ship worldwide.  Machine down or supply chain difficulties? We can help! 


In 2018, we moved from our original store in Green Brook, NJ to our new home in North Plainfield, NJ.  The new store is over 7 times the size of the original store allowing for a wider range of products and services.  The sun is shining on a bright future at Green Brook Electronics.


1974 grand opening



New Jersey 07060 USA

Phone: 732-968-3500
Fax: 732-968-3378

Email: sales@greenbrookelectronics.com

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm EST

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